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6 reasons why distributors have choosen BIZOL

BIZOL addresses a new market for motor oils that solve the acute problem of engines and safety in city traffic. Market demand for Motor Oil for city traffic will increase rapidly. Get ready.


Currently there is no competition in this new market segment. This represents a real opportunity for you as importer to quickly develop or expand your own business, be your own boss and to set your own pricing policy.


“Made in Germany” stands for the highest level of consistent production quality of premium priced lubricants.


Since 1998, we are a German Innovative international company offering the best quality Motor Oils continuing to develop a complete range of lubricant products to meet the challenges of today and those of tomorrow. This means that in the future, you should continue to expect innovative new products from us.


The explosive growth of BIZOL is real: in 2009 BIZOL was sold in 7 countries and soon in over 100 countries.


Distributors who began importing BIZOL lubricants 2 or 3 years ago today enjoy an excellent market reputation and are making money with BIZOL.